How Instagram Marketing boost your website traffic


Instagram marketing is a social media platform for marketing of small businesses. Instagram is a quick and initial platform to get traffic on your blog. For example, when people view your Instagram story they can directly switch to your blog.   80% of followers follow one brand on Instagram and 60% of these users say they have found new products or services on the platform. At least 30% of Instagram users bought products they found on Instagram.

Why should we use Instagram for marketing?

·       People are joyful to follow brands on Instagram and the plus point is that a big number of Instagram users are purchasing the products.

·       By switching to a business profile we can get more followers as well as more marketing of our products.

·       By having a business account with 10k followers or more we can get swipe links that can be added to Instagram stories to get more traffic.

5 Tips for Instagram marketing:

       i.            Clickable Hashtags:

By using the symbol # with any of your favorite captions while explaining your product is a better option for your account.

     ii.            Profile Links:

You can add profile links on Instagram. For example, if you have more than one business accounts you can use this way to get more views and traffic.

  iii.            Story Highlights:

You can add expired stories to story highlights that will stick to the top of your profile. It can help new users who can visit your profile in the future to know more about your account as well as about your products.

  iv.            High-Quality Images:

Try to use high-quality images for the marketing of your products. It can attract random users that will help to gain traffic.

    v.            Short Videos :

Most of the people in the world are using Instagram on mobile phones and it is noted that people are not interested in long videos that’s why you can use short videos of 10 to 15 seconds for marketing.


Types of Instagram posts:

  •    Educational posts
  •    Behind the scene posts
  •    Reposts from friends
  •   Influential posts
  •   Motivational posts
  •   Trending posts

Educational posts:

These types of posts are easy and offer tips to do something easily. For example a recipe for a dish that is easy to do at home.

Behind the scene posts:

These posts contain stuff that people don’t normally see and most of the people are interested to see such posts.

Reposts from Friends:

Good content can be shared by your friends’ profile if it is available just be sure to tag the original poster and also give credit.

Influential posts:

Influential posts used the well-known person e.g. a celebrity or a famous player using or interacting with your product.

Motivational posts:

Using motivational sayings of some famous persons with your posts can attract user attention. Such posts encourage users.

Trending posts:

Posts about any event of the current time or any famous person celebrating his/her family event can gain more traffic.

     In the end, we conclude that Instagram a great social media platform just you have to know about some tips to maintain your profile and some helpful tips about how to post on Instagram that I have explained above. 



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