How to Copyright Your Blog in 15 steps?

How to Copyright Your Blog

 When registering a copyright for a website, you should keep in mind that your registration will only apply to the content provided in your copyright application. You have submitted the application “If you have a quality website on which you create content first, there may be times when readers re-use your content without your permission. To ensure that you have the right to bring a copyright infringement and re-infringement in the event that this happens to you, you must exercise your blog’s authority in registering with the Copyright Office. The US To manage your blog, follow the steps below.

How to Copyright Your Blog

Step 1

Download a copyright notice at the bottom of every page of your blog. This notice must include the word “Copyright” or copy of the copyright (the letter “c” in a circle), the year of publication, your name, and the phrase.

Step 2

 Copyright Office obtains a copyright registration form; alternatively, you can file it online. One advantage of posting online is that you will pay a reduced registration fee; another benefit is that you can upload your blog directly to the Copyright Office instead of copying the pages to a CD and sending the information to the Copyright Office.

Step 3

Fill out the copy of the copyright with your information, the title of your blog, the year of expiration, the date of publication and a notice indicating whether you have previously applied for the copyright for your blog. You must register your blog as a writing service unless you intend to protect the visual aspects of your blog, in which case you must register the blog as a visual work.

Step 4

 Provide the Copyright Office with a copy of every page associated with your blog and everything else you want to copyright. If you file online, you can download pages from your site as HTML files. If you file a paper copy, copy your entire blog to a CD and mail it to the Copyright Office with your application form.

Step 5

 Submit your completed form to the Copyright Office and pay the required fee. For online applications, as of 2012, the filing fee reduction was $ 35.


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