How to Back Up Your Blogger Contents?

How to Back Up Your Blogger Contents

Back-Up Your Blogger Contents If you’re distressed concerning losing your Blogger or wish to avoid wasting your insurance elsewhere or re-install it on a brand new blog, you’ll be able to simply transfer your Blogger content to your pc. the method for backing up is easy.

1 Export from Blogger or word press:

If you have your blog going to Blogger or word press, you can use export tools.
These services allow you to export your blog to a file and store it on your hard drive for free. Restoring content or migrating to another site is also possible through the availability of Internet access, which is easy to use.

How to Back Up Your Blogger Contents

2 Word press Backup to dropbox:

If you have a Dropbox account and a Word Press blog, Word Press Backup in Dropbox is a free device that will automatically save your blog to your Dropbox account. It allows you to customize the backend of your blog so that you can automatically select and choose the files and data that you want to keep in your dropbox folder.
The device uses o Auth technology, so no passwords or personal data are stored in the device.

3 Vault Press:

If you are looking for a secure, complete blog post, and are willing to spend a little money, Vault Press is a project that offers some tools that are free of charge.

Vault Press launches your blog and information in real-time, and it connects to every action with a browser. Also, refer to your blog for threats and fixes if possible.

4 Backup Buddy:

Developers and businesses that run multiple blogs should also consider Backup Buddy, which is a good and safe way for exporting, restoring, and moving blogs.

Backup Buddy will send to your email, table or storage space such as Dropbox and Rack space. On top of that, unlike many other services, Backup Buddy also delivers graphics and themes as well as text.

5 Blog Backup:

Blog Backup is a free up-to-date service. It collects information from your blog’s RSS feeds, so it works on any blog, and it performs updates daily.
Blog Backup is a little less automated than other services, but it’s simple and effective.

And more!!

This list is just a few of the tools available online for blogging support, so that is as far from practical as it can be for those in need So if you can share your experiences with these tools or at least recommend other similar tools, you will make a great contribution and I am so thankful for that!


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