How articles rank by SEO?



                       If you are blogger then you must be know about the SEO factor. SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Which is use for ranking the articles which helps our site ranking.

  How to rank the articles by SEO? :

            You can’t believe that when I published my first article in the Google. It was flopped in first week. This was totally disappointment for the beginners of bloggers. But now it is unbelievable for that post is rank in Google. It gains 5k plus views. That post title is “ How to run a bog?”. Google picked up my first article. Here is some tips for rank the article by SEO.


    The title for the article is a very essential part. The strong title helps the articles to move in searching. Title clears the user to what are u talking about. Title or headline is relevant to the article. This has a bad impact on readers if the article and the title are different. So be serious with your title.


     What is the keyword? , the keyword is the term that defines your article and ranks your article. The keyword is the term that you want Google to associate with your article. This is a term which is the feature of the title. This is the word that we want people to find your article. Your keyword appears in the article is 7 to 8 times. There are types of keywords.

  • Short tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • LSI keywords

Short tail keywords:

  Short tail keywords are those which have only one or words. Their length is less when we searching.

“Run “is a short tail keyword and “how to run a bog “this is a long tail keyword. Short tail is difficult to rank because many people and writers wrote on that topic and Google have man data of that word. That’s why short tail keywords difficult to rank.

Long-tail keywords:

     Long-tail keywords are those three and four phrases and word which is used in article as a focus key phrase. A long-tail keyword is easy for ranking because it is specific for that product u want the sale. My priority is used the long-tail keywords it really helpful for the article and website ranking.

LSI keywords:

     LSI is also a type of keywords. It stands for (latent semantic indexing). This is the word is helpful to modify the key phrase of the article. Sometimes it’s called the synonyms. But most of them said that this no synonyms this is connection words with keyword and the title.

Article Length:

     The SEO base article is about 800 to 1200 words is enough for an article.

Keywords Resources:

On page SEO:

  On-page SEO is a type of SEO that helps rank your article in the base of SEO. Step by step on-page SEO below.

  • Select the keyword carefully.
  • The title is relevant to the keyword.
  • The start of the title is your keyword
  • First 100 words of the article the keyword should appear.
  • Your title is kept in the h1 tag. The h1 tag only uses one time in the article.
  • The h2 tag uses for the subheadings
  • The meta description of the article is very strong and relevant to the article. It is according to the user which is satisfied with your meta description.
  • Meta description helps the article moving in the search.
  • Perfect URL structures.
  • Internal links on your article. It is best if you apply the internal link to your home page.
  • Outbound links are required for the on-page SEO. (no attach the bad sites. attach the high and good sites link .)
  • Image optimization.
  • Make the pages mobile-friendly.
  • Follow the proper format (bold ,Italic ,symbols ,etc).

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO is also called the (off-site SEO). This SEO has taken out to its own website to affect the ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs).

                Why we need Off-Page SEO?:

                           We need the off-page SEO because it helps the ranking

of the article besides the on-page SEO. The ranking factor are continuously changing. The effective off-page SEO has the ability to rank the page, play a very important role.

The important off-page SEO tips are :


   Building backlinks is a love of off-page SEO. Search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content’s quality, thus a web {site} with several high worth backlinks can typically rank higher than an otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks. There are three types of backlinks.

  • Natural links.
  • Manually built links.
  • Self-created links.

Natural links:

    Natural links are in an editorial given with none action on the part of a page owner. For example (a food blogger adding a link to a post that points toward their favorite turn out farms may be a natural link.)

Manually built links:

     Manually built links are acquired careful link building activities. Consider the permission of the site owner to link your content with his site if he allows then create the links.

Self-created links:

    Self-created links are practice such as make the backlinks in the comments, in the directory, forum, blog and anchor text. This type of linking is a scheme of the Black hat SEO and here is some sort of worry.

Social media marketing:

   Social media marketing is a very worthy part of off-site SEO. Social media marketing is totally and completely kind of sharing the link and content of your site on social media platforms. For the beginners of bloggers, it is a very important step to generate immediate traffic on your blog. This is the fastest way to get traffic on your content and site. When you published your article or product gather the info of your product and start sharing because of sharing people know about your content and product.

Why we need social media marketing?:

   After this question rises, I  have only one statement to satisfied this,

                    To get the immediate traffic on your site and content.


 Social media marketing has many types or platforms to perform the marketing of your product.

 For example:

  • Facebook marketing.
  • Twitter marketing.
  • Instagram marketing.
  • Pinterest marketing.
  • Linkedin marketing.
  • Tumblr marketing.

This is more than 150 social media marketing platforms.

Brand indication:

                            Google loves brands and prefers to rank branded websites on high of the results. The explanation is that the same as explained on top of regarding experience, Authority and trait. Brands square measure a lot of reliable and certain to be sure by users and this interprets to far better user expertise and happier Google users.


                                The distinction between complete mentions, link building and social media promoting is that complete mentions don’t essentially have a link inform to your web site. It’s often mentions of your complete in forums, articles, reviews or social media networks.

Google crawlers will ‘pick up’ these signals and appraise them consequently to form a lot of correct image of however your complete is perceived by people.

As a part of your off-page SEO strategy you must pursue any positive mentions of your web site, product or authors and confirm that you simply answer negative or deceptive comments.


        In short SEO is very important and essential for the blog to rank the website in google search engine. With the good SEO we get good traffic which means our  site is rank. If u want more information about the blog or anything related to it so stay tuned on my site to get the amazing info about blogging and SEO and others topic .


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