How email Marketing increase blog traffic?


Email marketing is the process of sending a commercial message, generally to a group of people using email. Every email sent to a current customer considered email marketing. It is usually used email send to different adds, advertisement, and posts.

Email marketing is also known as content marketing.

What is Email?

Electronic mail is a technique of exchanging messages, between people using electronic devices. Email operates from one side to the other computer networks, which today is essentially the internet. Email server accepts, forward messages, deliver messages and store messages.

Electronic mail has been most commonly called email or e-mail, but different from the spelling has been used.

>:  EMAIL is the most commonly used online, and need for a particular purpose by Internet Engineering task force (IETF) and working groups. The spelling also appears in most wordbook or vocabulary.

>: EMAIL is the way in which something is arranged or set out that something appears in editing. Published British and American English writing as considered in the American English data.

>: EMAIL used in the original protocol standard. The serves are mention as e-mail, which is called a message.

>: EMAIL is a conventional form that has been used in “Authors Address”

>: EMAIL is something used underwrite the initial E.

An Internet e-mail consists of surround content. The content is consists of a header and body.

E-mail Marketing Types:

Email marketing can be support out different types of email:

Transactional emails.

 Transactional emails are usually based on a businessman with a company. A transactional email is a type of email that’s activated by a user’s activity on websites or computer networking.

Some common example of transectional email is invoices and receipts, account notifications, social media updatesand delivered emails…

 Direct Emails.

           Direct emails are consist of sending an email to communicates advancement messages. Any email that supports or actively your business that sent directly to your customers is considered a direct email.

Some example of direct emails is a particular offer or a product.

Marketing emails.

Marketing emails are usually informational messages sent to people who asked them updates, Such as different advertisements, prospectus, and reporters, etc. Marketing emails are a variety of content, but most you to send to sales promotions, followup, and surveys.

 Operational emails.

Operational emails are very important informational emails about your business. Such as maintenance planes or changes to your service’s ability. For example, if your services down will be on described information, what kind of updates you will be performing is a good way to remind your clients of the value your informational provides.


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